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Confira a Letra Semen Song

Stella Project

Semen Song

It was Friday night
and i was dreamin
I woke up again
swimmin in my semen
I grabbed the remote
paused the porno movie
I tried to get up but
the sheets were stickin to me
I was in a cold sweat,
must of lost 10 pounds
I'm a one pump chump,
I cant go 10 rounds
Just when I thought
my problems were done
Mom walked in the room
to add to all the fun
She asked me what was wrong,
I didn't know waht to do
Told her it was nothing,
she laughed and left the room
I ripped up off the sheets
the night light wasn't workin
Aimless in the dark
tripped over the Jergen's
I walked upstairs
hopped in the shower
Woke up the house,
I'm in there for an hour
Now its 3 AM and
I'm sleepin on the floor
Finally decided no
more late night porn