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Confira a Letra Never Knew

Stephen Speaks

Never Knew

Well i know we've both come so far to be here
And we're both twice the man we used to be
Cause we've made it through the fall and through the winter
And i've got myself together as you can see
Though more than once i've doubted your decision
You once told me a man must do what he's got to do
Things are so bad, after all i've made it this far
And it's clear to me you're hangin in there too

{ but i wish for all my life you could have been there
When i climbed up high & fell down far below
And i wish you could have seen the fire in my eyes
When i found my dreams and refused to let them go}

But for now i've got to say goodbye again
And go back into my life without you
Ya know, it never dawned on me what i was missing
Until i had a glimpse of what i never knew
And now we leave as such a civil people
Like business men after a rendezvous
And we say next time we'll stay here a little longer
And we'll discuss all the things we've just got to do
Maybe someday my dreams will be complete
And we both will know what it would have been
But you've got to promise me you won't accept defeat
That you'll run this race until we meet again
That you'll run this race until we reach the end