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Confira a Letra Leave (Back Up)


Leave (Back Up)

This wont be what you want to hear coming from me
I'm tired of hiding my hate inside from you
I can't take it all right now
I think you should...

(pre chorus)

Just stay away, get away, run away
So far away that you're never gonna see me
You don't wanna face the reality
That you'll never be nothing more
Nothing less to me (repeat)


Back up, back off, you're always pushing me
Back up, back off, you're right on top of me
Get out, get out, get out
What do you want from me?
The hate inside of me, you bring it out of me!

So beautiful you're confusing me
It's hard to let go
How did i make it this far away from you
I've heard all the lies that wont come true
I wish you would...

(pre chorus)


Go on get out, go on get out
Why are you always pushing me?
What you should do, what you should do
Is leave

(pre chorus)


Do you feel like everyone else feels?