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Confira a Letra Entourage

Steven Page


Although I've been here before
You've got that thing I can't ignore
It's on the surface
I know it's shallow and it's vain
But I love it just the same
It gives me purpose

Let me love you unconsciously
While you're on your way there
I wanna sleep with you
And your entourage, tonight

London, Paris and Milan
You're just waiting for a man
To be exotic
You're a baby, you're a punk
I only love you when I'm drunk
I'm alcoholic

You've got a Tiffany key-ring
You've got no keys, no home
I wanna live with you
And your entourage, alright

You're famous, they're famous
We stand in rooms where nothing can be said
And nothing can be heard

You were famous for your fame
And now you're drowning in champagne
Hey, how you doing?
Did you take her to your club
And did you claim to be in love
While you were screwing?

Now we're through with morality
Can I sleep with your wife?
I wanna be like you
And your entourage, tonight

I wanna live like you
And your entourage, alright