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Confira a Letra Clifton Springs

Steven Page

Clifton Springs

I was born old
I grew up but I got younger
I was torn, cold
Now I'm fine but there's this hunger
And a thirst for the days
Before I went and razed it all
To the ground

Got a job, found God
I did everything they told me
Spoiled the child, spared the rod
And found someone new to hold me
Though the love's not as real
As what I used to feel when it
All went wrong

She was young, not scared
She was everything I wanted
I was dumb, unprepared
Had no idea that I was haunted
By the ghosts of a life the night I hid the knives
And it all went wrong

It's an old wound, but it opened in a new way
In a rest room in a rest stop on the thruway
She calls up her parents
And admits with embarrassment
She was wrong

Speaking of your mother,
This is how it goes:
When the world gets you down
I suppose
You can fly away somewhere else
Of your own volition
Of your own accord
When you're sad, when you're angry
When you're bored,
You've got to do what's best for yourself

I awoke; you were gone
There was nothing left to hold on to
I was blind, I was wrong
I could find you if I want to
So I fly to the coast where
The boys you love most
Sing into your eyes

I was lost, now I'm found
I can see, but miss the blindness
Here's my cross, pound
It's your mouth, your kiss, your kindness
My stigmata's the regret for how
I could have let it all
Go so wrong

I'm going back to the place
Where they laughed in my face
When it all went
All went
All went wrong

Yes it all went
Isn't this what you wanted, darling?
All went...

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