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Confira a Letra I Can See My House From Here

Steven Page

I Can See My House From Here

Jesus came to me last night
To tell me everything'll be all right, he said
Thank you for rolling the stone
But you're gonna have to go it alone
His halo light up the room
Blazes fire from white to blue
He said: Can't keep the damn thing aglow
Even if it's only for show

(Hallelujah) from hello goodbye
(Here I stand) to helen wheels
(Hare krishna) sing hosannah
(Oh my lord) so that's the deal

I feel like I've been here before
You know what happens when God closes a door
You think mortality's hell
He's boarded up the windows as well
I'm done with raising the dead
I'd rather tour with them instead
I waited too long for my wish
Jesus Christ, I'd settle for fish

(Hallelujah) mother mary
(Here I stand) you had me
(Hare krishna) and no religion
(Oh my lord) so let it be

Turn your blood back into wine
And then forget you were once divine
And if you can't, you know it's a lie
Goodbye my lord
My lord
Mmm, my lord

I really wanna trade this perfect life in the sky
To make a mess of things and not know why
Camels, needles, haystacks, and stuff
Come on, don't you think we've all heard enough
We've needed someone like you
Self-satisfied but also easily bruised
Hey, have you heard the good news?
We're gonna make you king of the jews

(Hallelujah) the dream is over
(Here I stand) so I me mine
(Hare krishna) won't be the same now
(Oh my lord) end of the line
(Hallelujah) I'm sick of holding your hand
(Here I stand) see that single sign of prints in the sand
(Hare krishna) I just assumed that you'd know
(Oh my lord) you've always had to go it alone

We're on our way home
Goin' home

(Steven came to me last night)