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Confira a Letra Fortunate Island

Stolen Byrds

Fortunate Island

Seeing roses, falling down
Wind blows, until now
Seven seas, green fields
Time goes, change it all

Sign on the wall, black and white divide
Despite your goods they took your blood
Stolen pieces from a free way of love
Kind of missiles crossing blue sky gray full

Black curtain close my window
Prisoner of my own deception
Blood sweet and tears of a dream
Still got reason but I don't know what it means

Blue birds skies on shine
Heaven seems not right
World just get so cold

High mountains, makes me fear
Just a moment, bring me in
Feed my eyes, broken wings
To the ground, on my knees

Far away, from my destiny
Trying to find, all those thing I see
Cause no one knows that, what is means to me
Starlight guides to another way to be

Change the stones into bridges
Kings and queens become slaves
More than a word to bring emotion
A blood murderer, dying from peace

Blue birds skies on shine
Heaven seems not right
World just get so cold

Break the logical way
Future is where I stay
Present is what I want
Past is a waste of time

Bring me to somewhere
Faith will not be there
Stars fall from the sky
Do it, make it right