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Confira a Letra Travelling To The Sun

Stolen Byrds

Travelling To The Sun

Born under the silver moon
Dust to fill the empty space
Searching for the highest place
Where to find the soul again

And I'm feeling
Like I'm reaching the sun

Side to side the river flow
Down to somewhere we don't known
Searching for the highest place
Where to find the soul again

We are using the word religion not in the exact sense of that word
Which is to believe in something, to believe in God or no God
Or believe in something conceptual, ideation
We’re a using that word as a way of life
In what every action is whole, complete and full of ecstasy
First of all, to understand all of this
We must establish right relationship between us, between you and the speaker
He’s not teaching in you, in the all of the sense of that word
But he’s telling you what to do

And I'm feeling