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Confira a Letra The Ballinafad Ball

Stompin Tom Connors

The Ballinafad Ball

If you should go to Ontario to the town of Ballinafad
At the General Store they can tell ya more
About the phone call they once had
When they heard the man say tell the band
From Nashville I did call
And hold on tight I'll be there tonight
To play the ball at the Ballinafad Hall

Now the word got around from town to town till a thousand tickets were sold
To see the star with a great big car from Nashville they were told
And the local band got a great big hand when the walked into the hall
But the crowd looked high and low
For the guy who made the telephone call

Then through the door with a rush and a roar
Came Sam the furnace man
With a fiddle case and big red face and he jumped upon the stand
I'll have to state I'm a little bit late but I hope you got my call
With an ol' straw hat he grinned like a cat when he bouced that fiddle like a ball

Now about that car with a Nashville star the band was never told
But after the pause and the one for the cause
The mystery did unfold
From the General Store they knew the score
When Sam walked in the Hall
But he couldn't have been in Nashville when he made that telephone call

Now Sam took a bow as he laughed out loud
An he said I'll have you know
There's a little place called Nashville here in old Ontario
And there my truck got stuck in the muck and I thought I'd better call
And tell the band I'll be on hand
When they play the Ballinafad Ball

Said Sam my truck got stuck in the muck
But tonight I'm tellin' you all
I just come down from Nashville town
To play the Ballinafad Ball

I just come down from Nashville town
To play the Ballinafad Ball

Ya'll come back now ya' hear