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Confira a Letra Fading Faith


Fading Faith

Not a single day goes by when our choices do not let us down
We burn forests, we bring everything down to the ground
And we spend millions while millions are starving to death
We talk about the future, but it seems we won't live to get there

In this world, we take it all and give nothing back
And we still don't know why
in this world, our time is running out so quickly
And no one even cares why

In this ruthless place there's no room for affection
We refuse to open our eyes and take the right direction
We're bound to make the same mistakes again and again
'till there's no more second chances
No more second chances

In this world, everyday we promise to change
Don't even bother to try
In this world innocence is lost so early
And sadly this is no surprise

The sun is getting red
The skies are turning grey
The damage that we've caused cannot be undone in one day
So we need to make a change today

In this world, we turn a blind eye to our problems
Though we know it's not right
In this world, our faith keeps fading constantly
And we should do more than just cry