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Confira a Letra Sex That Sells

Stuart Davis

Sex That Sells

Now you're a beautiful girl and it's a business world
so here's the deal that we propose
There's no rehearsal for our beer commercials
but you'll have to loose your clothes

Your not paid to think, you just smile and drink
you won't even have to speak
our interest lies in your chest and thighs
man, there's cash in that physique

Just put on this string bikini
and hold this can of beer
lower that strap and sit in his lap
that's the ticket dear
think how rich we'll get with your T-shirt wet
self respect can go to hell
we think you'll do babe we're using you
'cause babe it's sex that sells

Now let me tell you, if we decide to sell you
off as a piece of meat
the skin you show is just more dough
to pad our office seats

Now don't get moral, you're not just some whore
who'll compromise women's rights
it takes an actress/model to hold that bottle
and slip into those tights


If the censors weren't prude
we could shoot you nude
but they just don't understand
so here's two dimes and a ball of twine
baby cover what you can

You're not a prostitute, you're not a slut
you're the focus of desire for their beer drinkin' guts
You're not a toy, you're not a prop
you're some teenage alcoholic's reason to never stop

Now another girl applied
and although we know you tried
you truly did your best
but we're sad to say here's your severance pay
'cause she's got a bigger chest

She put on that string bikini and held that can of beer
she lowered that strap and sat in his lap
and that's the ticket dear
think how rich we'll get with her T-shirt wet
self respect can go to hell
she'll sell for sure man, we're using her
'cause babe it's sex that sells