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Confira a Letra The Press Is Kissing Judas

Stuart Davis

The Press Is Kissing Judas

They desensitized the public
we're too callous now to feel
a TV tube's like taking ludes
till you're mud on a potter's wheel
fidelity will crumble
morality is flying south
If knowledge is the savior
then the press is kissing Judas on the mouth

That young lady there is seventeen
she's learning who to be
she's processing all the messages
from the movies and TV
they say "perfect waist, perfect face, perfect legs,
perfect breasts inside your blouse"
if information's her messiah,
then the press is kissing Judas on the mouth

TV- what a vulture, pick the flesh of dying culture,
Pander to the American 10 second attention span

When I call home from work
my son who's turning ten
says "dad modern medicine
turns ladies into men"
Mr. Rogers didn't say that
I need the Disney channel in my house
cause if education's his deliverance
then the press is kissing Judas on the mouth