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Confira a Letra Penguins

Stuart Davis


I'm just another penguin
squirming in my tux
I'm dancing with your mom

she says that I'm a klutz

I'm drinking with your dad
like all the groomsmen are
I'm getting sorta tipsy
there is an open bar

And they pass me the microphone so I can make a toast
Everybody catches you staring at a ghost

Cuz you're afraid that I'll blurt out
The man I love is married now

But I can keep a secret
We only did it once
I know you want to forget it
You say how you were drunk

And you don't want your closet
Making too much noise

And you were just exploring
Boys will be boys

So maybe when I leave here we can put it all aside
But before I do, I want to kiss the bride

Cuz I just have to see her face
when I say that I share her taste in men

You're just another penguin

squirming in your tux
You're dancing with your mom
she says that you're a klutz

Cuz you dance like, there's always, someone behind you
And there is but, your family is deaf, dumb and blind, blind

You're just another penguin
squirming in your tux