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Confira a Letra Seven Wonders Of The Soul

Stuart Davis

Seven Wonders Of The Soul

Close your eyes and watch 'em spin
seven orbs in a suit of skin
seven candles up and down the spine
running from the anus to the super-mind

It's a wonder that we don't combust
with all the light put inside of us
even before there's a baby born
it's radiating light like a solar storm

The bottom opens
and there's a will to live
the belly opens
and there's a hers and his
the plexus opens
and kisses every sore
the heart opens
and pollinates a hundred more
the throat opens
and drinks love dry
the head opens
and there's another eye
the crown opens
and there's a will to die

unlock your chakras
unlock all seven chakras

You wanna see 'em and here's the route
you just go in 'til the in is out
can you move that much or sit that still?
you won't see the wonders until you do

But this rose will burn your nose
and all your veins will come unfroze
gushing love like lava flows


Hiding right there under our skin
are seven wonders of the soul
glowing like super nova stars
light is what we are