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Confira a Letra Right To Know

Suburbia Blends

Right To Know

Born a stray kid such a proud free soul
Been through stuff none of us can imagine
It's not so fun to pretend and play roles
Being wise ain't a question of magic

It is time now for you to choose
Whether to be fine or to live in hell
Or we'll just hang on a noose
And you can't prove shit to yourself

I have the right to know, dear darling
But it's taking so long for you to think
Soon I'll be ready to go, dear darling
And you didn't say a goddamn thing

I'm the kind of guy that feels the shakes but don't show
While you weep I'm just staring and laughing
I'm about to have a heart stroke
Driving a car that leads to a crashing

I got a brand new job for you:
Pick up souls and put on a window to sell
You're allowed to think being in love is cool
But only if you're still twelve

I have the right to know, dear darling
Have you lost the trust that you had in me?
Where there was fire you filled with snow, dear darling
And it's working out fine while I'm here