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Confira a Letra By The time You Read This I Will Be Dead

Suicide Watch

By The time You Read This I Will Be Dead

What do you say to someone, who does not want to be alive?
Who stares straight through you, towards the death that he craves?
All the false hope that we offer, empty promises, little more
Scattered like autumn leaves by the welcoming arms of the beckoning grave

I'm not afraid of dying
But I'm sure I'll live through this
I'll learn to love myself again
And fit the jigsaw's final piece

All those pitch black years, with misery to befriend
Just how long were you planning your inglorious end?
And where were we, when you needed us most?
Wrapped up in our own sorrows, we left you all alone

By the time you read this I will be dead

Yes, there's more to life than this
Please tell me, you still want to live
Our paper-thin acts are only dreams
Underscored by our fragile mortality
Dance with the laughing dead
Society no longer fucks with your head
I hope you've found the peace you need
And I'll see you soon on the other side.