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Confira a Letra Wait for Me

Susan Tedeschi

Wait for Me

Wait for me
You know I love you so
Tell me tell me baby
That you won't have to go
Oh but if I
If I don't see you
No more, no more
Just remember
Who it was
That walked
Out the door

Now it's so true
That parting is such sweet sorrow
Knowing that you may not be back tomorrow
Oh but if you, ever change your mind
Call me, call me up anytime

Honey I'll wait for the day
When you won't feel this way
And I'm gonna hold you, I'm gonna hold you so close
Now don't try to analyze, and hold your tears inside
Oh baby, baby please come on home

It's so true
that parting is a sweet sorrow
Knowing, knowing that you may not be back tomorrow
Oh but if you, if you ever change your mind
Oh darling call me, call me up anytime

Wait for me...