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Confira a Letra Gravity

Susanne Sundfor


Your eyes are greater than ever
But you are as empty as
The bottle of wine
You've already poured out

Your bed is where you take cover
And you wanna wash your clothes
'cause they're so full of smoke and perfume
In the sense of your girlfriend
But now as i watch you parade
I wish you only once
Look my way

Oh, gravity
Come on, make me happy
So i won't sing anymore,
Don't let me sing

You play your card so thoroughly
But you are so empty that
It's easy to see right through you
You talk so sincerly
But i know your sentences
Our beautiful truth
But unmistakable fairytales

And now as i try to be strong
I find myself writing to you
A song

Oh, gravity
Come on, make me happy
So i won't sing anymore
Don't let me sing