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Confira a Letra Aaja

Aaja, oh mere jaane dil aaja
Oh, mere mehboob aaja
Oh, mere dil hai pyaasa

I push the seats in my car back
Polish girl check that Slavak
You're sweet like baklava
You know I'm hot as Benny Lava
And if them mandam intervene
Then I'll go get the balaclava

Your mandam can't see me
Side man
Man I'm Mario, Luigi
That's you
On your fucking green dungarees

I suit you like Savile Row on a business man (I suit you)
Only girl I know that don't have Instagram (No Instagram)
Because you get so shy in them photos
But you so fine walking round in real life
It's actually like you're Photoshopped (Adobe Photoshop)
When the popo stop me
You're like Yo, yo what? (Yo Yo What?)
You're so solid like garage when Oh No dropped(Oh No!)
Girl you brought me back like Robocop (80's baby)
There's other girls but you turn the FOMO off

She told everybody
That I drink too much
She said I travel too much
And I think too much
She said I always carry weed
And it stink too much
She said my phone full of girls
And we link too much
I said I can't help myself
I'm a sexy mother fakir
They want to get on this side
Because we don't give fuck here
You want to get on this side
Because we don't give a fuck here
Popo and my exes
I steady got to duck here
She said I'm a slut, I'm a ho, I'm a freak
She said I got a different girl every day of the week
She said she call the cops on me because I get in them streets
She said that I ain't shit, she said I passed my peak
She said she ride on top and get up in my sheets
She said she really think that my style is unique
She a blessing and a treat
I really think she's neat
She say the shit i need to hear i really think that's sweet

Seriously? I mean, he's so charming
Seriously I would love to be with him
I would love to be with hiM