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Confira a Letra Zayn Malik

Swet Shop Boys

Zayn Malik

Shoutout to ma Ambala fam, diabetes fam, yeah
Oy, even hipsters ain't safe
You gotta be careful what part of your face's shaved
They say why is Rizy chattin' about race
Why he breathin' bout air just like Hari K. say
My flow like a pony tail, so when I spit on a skinhead he becomes a Hare Krishna
Keep up with your feet or get them blisters
Like you're on the Tawaf by the Kaaba, that's the mission
Yo, call the feds, call the papers, my youth's gone missing
He's gone Iraq, he gone to Syria, he didn't listen
You got your mom in tears in Sajda Quran kissing
The politicians at the mic all bayaan giving
I pray for my nephew, I pray you're not antagonized by all the hating and news and the shit they sanitize
Look Zayn Malik's got more than eighty virgins on him
There's more than one direction to get to paradise
I'm in the galaxy far away
Rizy take his hand, usually write just one bar a day
Fresh back on the boat, I'm like the brown Marcus Garvey
Chat to Persian girls like Cafe
Lickory, I'm like hickory dickory, got them gyals on my brown stick like it's licorice

Yo, yo, yo, ay yo, ay yo, ay yo, hello, hello, hello, hello, no, no, no, no
Yo, I'm bumpin' Andre: hey ya, hey ya
Now I'm bumpin' chal chaaya chaaya they thuga thuga thuga thaaya thaaya
Now I'm bumpin' Hema: now playa playa
I am a beautiful hawk, I have big wings
I want a big house, I want big rings
I am an idiot, I want big things
Akbar Jahangir, I like big kings
I do my thing, they want to make me a prisoner
You out of place like a brown Hare Krishna
Shouts out my sister, I miss her
Shouts out your sister, I kiss her
I am a radiator, I am a toaster, I am a college dorm room poster
I am a cool guy, I'm good at rapping, get on the beat, murk it and then ask what happened