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Confira a Letra Cloudflakes

Syd Matters


Sitting in the big black oven
What a clever place to hide
With my eyes wide open
My face is a flaming pie

Bare-naked in the kitchen
And everyone sleeping tight
The clock goes to seven
I dance but I don't know why

I'm standing in the schoolyard
Waiting for my teacher to come
She looks gently downward
And picks me up in the sun

I'm chewing cloudflakes
I'm falling apart
One with my mind tapes
One for my heart

I'm making mistakes
When I'm counting stars
One when the light brakes
One in the dark

I'm standing in the shelter
Waiting for my mother to come
She left me in winter
And she'll pick me up in the fall

The ocean is friendly
The ocean is mine
Caught in my bathtub
With a fishing line

Little fishes swimming in the shallows
Little fishes driving me mad
Two more fishes to swallow
So they cannot eat me back

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