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Confira a Letra As The Snow Falls


As The Snow Falls

Beaten Bruised
The Sick In Chains
The Night Draws Near
The Cold, The Fear
Impale This Soul
Unto The Night

Wastin Away
Hidden In Rags
Raind Filled Eyes
Dread The Dawn
Brother Of Sleep
Summoned To Rise

Tears Flow
As Many Fall
Winter Weeps
As the Snow Falls
Hands Wither
No Longer Needed
To Bleed This Body Dry

A Wretched Face
Pale And Broken
Flowers Ebbed
By Frost Of Old
Shadows Lurk
In Fools Of Tears

Flesh Maimed
No Cry Made
Alone I Cry
In The Dirt
Born To Die
Bury Me Now

Dine With The Dead
Turn To Distant Stars
Knife The Pain Away
Clasp A Broken Branch
As it Comes Undone
Inject Deep Love Lost

I Mourn Amongst
The Flowers
These Tears Will
Never Dry
Sounds Of Screaming
Adorn The Darkest Night
Love Of Misery
In Winter's Warmth
Offspring Of A Demon
Sleeps Within

Alone I Lay
Bound In Chains
The SUn Forsaken Me
Its Light Mocks Me
The Winds Cold Call
Whispers My Mind
Has Anything You've Done
Made Your Life Better

Arms Tired
No Longer Free
No End I See
This Endless Path
The Dark It Pleads
Succumb To The To The

The Dead Dance
As The Living
Beckon My Leave
Impossibel Dream
Mournful At Night
Fall Unto Stone