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Confira a Letra Beyond The Gaze Of Black Doves


Beyond The Gaze Of Black Doves

In Misty Stillness
A Shadow Weeps
I Am Nothing
(Hideous) You Are The
Slain Men Lay
Before The Throne
Creator Of Plauge
Lover Of Chains

Fear Never Dims
The Tender Joy Lost
The Stale Smell
Of Rotting Flesth
The Stench Of
Poisoned Men
Yet Still They
Though Years have Past

Drown These Tears
Of Shallow Seas
Hide This Body
Of Bloody Steams
Burn These Limbs
Of Rotting Dreams
Bestow This Misery
Of Emperors Dead

A Foetus Dies
A Flow Droops
Hope Mourns
Where Weeds Grow
Blazing Fire Dissolves
Into The Night
The Ocean Reduced
To a Bloody Tear

Bathe In Wounds
Before Your eyes
Caress Deaths Hand
Hidden In The Woods
The Fleeting Light
Declares My Demise
A Shadow From Afar
Has Drawn Near

Blood For You
My Thirsty Follower
Drink Deep Of Me
As I Wither
When Will I Feel
Your Embrace
Cold and Cruel
In Winters Warmth

In the Darkened Room
Beauty Is No More
Riddles of Emperor's
Entangled In The Woods
Call Of The Grave
So Near
If Only My Eyes
Could See
Beyond The Gaze Of
Black Doves