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Confira a Letra The Long Kiss Goodbye


The Long Kiss Goodbye

Faced With Good Bye
Oh How I Die
Walking Alond
Fading White light
Into The Sky
Leave Me Behind
Frighten This Child
Burning My Eyes

I Will Never Leave You
In This Misery
Hear My Screaming
Ancient Power
You Will Rise Again
To Shed This Putrid Skin
Here Hold My Bloody Hands
As I Sacrafice
We Will Face The Grave
We Will Awaken The

Bling To Me Not
I Must Ascend
To My Father
To His Right Hand
I wild Shed Death
And Lead You Home
Look At My Eyes
Embers Of Hope

Weather The Storm Under
My Care
Sweet Is The Morning
Under My Sky
Carry Your Wounds
Bravely My Son
Treasure The Memory
Of Former Days

Hold Me, Father
I Weep For You
From Day To Day

This Cannot Be
A Forlorn Embrace
Shadow Merge
Where You Are Laid
Your Voice Ebbs
Away With Tide
Bitter Sweet
Are These Tears
Hold On For
The Long Kiss Goodbye

As You Leave My
Beautiful Shore
As You Leave My
Beautiful Shore
As You Leave My
Beautiful Shore
As You Leave My
Beautiful Shore