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Confira a Letra Funeral For Innocence


Funeral For Innocence

Faith is a lie that scorns the pain inflicted by those who care;
Hope is a dream that fades away in the watches of the night;
Love is a lie that drips from a whore, told in the name of god;
I curse in the mud, covered in filth, waiting alone for death;

I call your name,
I scream in pain
I survive
The loss of faith,
Hear my cry;
My tears burn,
I believe,
Without faith

They bury you in rotten soil, never to rise again;
They curse the day that you were born and dance upon your grave;
The secrets they keep, the lies they tell, all for glittering gold;
I long for the day when you'll rise up and crush their filthy souls.

Rise child, rise;
Spread your wings;
Fly away.
New beginning.

Avenging god, hear my cry and see that they have done;
A palace of greed, a temple defamed, an alter made unclean.
Why the they mock you, why do they curse, breaking your heart?
They curse your grace, spit on your name and silent you remain.