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Confira a Letra Comin' Down


Comin' Down

They don't count by spokes no more, they counting by inches
Them ain't 20's on my ride, them 22's you jive bitches
Switching lane to lane, make em respect my fucking brain
I'm coming down shining, candy painted wood grain
I'm cruising down the street (uh-oooooh), real slow
What the fuck are they yelling (there it go, T-Bo)
Yeah you right, you fucking right that's me
Beating down your block, rims chop ridiculously

I paid the cost to be the boss, up in this here floss shit
Hit the lot went by the knot, don't even ask what the cost is
It's hot in the Dirty South, you know the top got to come off it
Lane to lane, with a slim Diana Ross bitch
You might see me hit the slab, big car candy green
Don't blink hit the corner, it's a flipping tangerine
Lil' kids telling they mama, did you see what I just seen
What that white boy acting a ass, in a truck so clean
Be mugging haters, like it ain't no thang mayn
I make them bitches oochie wally, while my thugs oochie bang bang
Maintain, my name up in this dirty rap game
Like M and Dre did, me and B-Rock gon do the same thang
Police point and stare, they don't turn around
That big body truck'll, burn em down
Keep that thang on my seat, in case them haters try to clown
T-Bo the Firecracker, so you know I'm coming down


I'm coming down shining, like a shooting star
I'm ice grilling haters, won't give a fuck who you are
You mad cause my rims, cost a lil' bit more than your car
Now does that make me stupid, or a superstar
The things I'm bout to do to you, y'all ain't ready
Coming down down baby, but I ain't Nelly
Watch my rims chop, cut chop like a mechetti
22 inch Perelli's, on a Avalanche Chevy
I hit the intersection, gripping my gun tight
The police pull me over, but hogging the sunlight
Like don't be mad at me lil' daddy, cause your shit don't run right
You out shining me, is like bringing a knife to a gun fight
Cause I'ma be the bucket, with the interior tore out
Do a 2003 Lexus, with the brains blowed out
And everywhere I go, you know that I'ma show off
T-Bo going multi-platinum bitch, no doubt