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Confira a Letra Your Illusion Unmasked


Your Illusion Unmasked

A sickened disease spreading
Within the roots of your mind
It peels the wisdom from you
Your life cast to all sides
The touch of happiness
The false illusions breed
Do you know what you are
I know that I am a beast

You are corrupted by lies
Let no one know just what you are
Enthroned above all things
Order is sighted from an outside view
Follow your instincts dear
And cast away your cross
You are what you self fear
No label will be missed

Out of the light
Into the dark
A life so injected in the night
Unleash the beast inside of thee
Memories of love deceased

Open your mind for a new point of view
Cause this world is infected with fools
Out from the lies into your beast
You are no deity

We are beasts
Out of the light, into the dark

Hatred grows inside of me
Like a torch it is burning high
Step into my mind
To see the horror of my life
Everything is gone
But bitterness stayed in my veins
Exit your path, and travel on my

My true face shows disharmony
I am my own reality
I live with my insanity
I question your ideology
I tear you face away
Like a page in an open book
I lead your life to me
Open your eyes and look