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Confira a Letra 2000 Years


2000 Years

since 2000 years
i'm waitng for someone
who asks the right questions
but 'til that day
nobody was able to
so i close my eyes
and look back, back in time

since 2000 years
i'm waiting for something
that maybe can happen
a world full of balance
and understanding
i open my mind
and look ahead

the human race was bom and so the lies began
mass euphoria to give rise to great hopes
but soon we understand that might is the force of destiny
to give love in others hearts is not our purpose
a bad outlook supported by the rulers of earth
war and famine leaded by divine fanatics

we will survive
we will survive

stand up for human rights, fight against racism
prevent violence against the weak
mistreated children in every street, world pollution
atomic plants, overpopulation
the pope preaches"no contraception"
i think there's no TV in vatican city

don't forget you're still alive
while a thousands people die
show your protest
make it heard, all over the world

we will survive
we will survive
we will survive