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Confira a Letra Dives (feat. Nick Detty)

Take The Name

Dives (feat. Nick Detty)

He has everything he's ever wanted in this life
I have nothing, a poor man begging
His coat costs more than my life these days
I sleep at his gate hoping for scraps to eat

I'm getting weaker everyday
Your feasts are greater everyday

It seems I've taken my last breath tonight
No more will I be begging. I'm feeling my soul take flight
One on each arm, these angels carry me to Abraham's side
Bury me in the ground, I've been given new life

All Glory to God, I feel no pain!
My sores are gone. I thirst no more
I will never have to beg again!
All Glory!

I find this life has nothing to give me
I work to toil underneath the setting sun
Holy Father, I live in anguish
These flames torment my very soul
I can’t hide my shame. I see now I never honored Your name
Take these rags, these riches, this state of mind where I have nothing to claim
Warn my brothers, to trust the King who gave the poor man a new song to sing
That the chasm we face is far too wide