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Confira a Letra Arrested Impulse


Arrested Impulse

I strike up these thoughts like a wet match.
It's never quite there.
Inspiration falls short as the time never helps.

I close my eyes and let perfection... wash over me.
I close my eyes and let, perfection, wash over me.

Faking like words are enough to describe what I feel.
Why, would he feel, like that?
It is simple.
It just takes time for realization to set in.

It just takes time, for, realization...

I wish the weather, would get better here.
For our sake.
I wish, the weather, would get better
Here for our sake.
For our... sake.

The sickening feeling, of something always going wrong.

A closed eye doesn't shut anything besides light.
Anything, besides, light.

A hymn for the angels... listening.
Please carry us untill there is nothing left.