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Confira a Letra Threnody in the wind

Tales Of Origin

Threnody in the wind

Sad tunes are heard a threnody in the wind
Across the land, it lies in the wind
A foreign voice a distant horizon
He sighs and plays in trance it seems

He bleeds as he remembers her
Calling to reach her on the other side
She rests in silent peace but as he turns he sees her face
A glimpse of beauty she awaits him, whispering his name

He holds her by the hand, touches her face
She smiles, her hair let out in curls alive
He looks her in the eyes, she returns to stay
She will never leave him now; he will never let her go again

Standing on a cliff she tells him to cry no more
He embraces her body, closes his eyes and flies
They will be forever
A threnody in the wind