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Confira a Letra Big Song

Tami Cerqueira

Big Song

I woke up this morning singing old songs that left me feeling like years ago
I was a child and believed that true love would not let me go

You may not understand what i mean, but i don't care
If that makes you smile, i'll be fine just knowing that

I don't want new things or old things
Everything i want is you
If your sweet kiss touch my skin
I know you will feel my soul

Last night i wanted you in my dreams, so i saw your pictures lke i always do
This was the reason for me to wake up singing old songs for you

Maybe you don't care what is in my heart rigth now
This seems so sad, but i'm not bad with you around

Big little song for you
I wrote a brand new song for you
I hope you like it too

I know i can be wasting time
But that will be your lullaby
I hope no hear goodbye