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Confira a Letra Let It Go

Tank (R&B)

Let It Go

I'm needing, I'm pleading for you to come near me.
I'm hoping you're open, want you to give freely.
I'm slowly holding you tight while you're moaning.
You're not here yet, but I bet it will be if you want me.

Let it go, if moves you too,
Don't be afraid to go.
Let it go.
Just hold on tight,
Let emotions take control of the night.

Candles burn and I yearn to explore you and learn what you miss,
What to kiss, what makes you clench and turn.
Is it high, is it low, don't matter where I go.
I hear a knock at the door. It's you home ready to...

Here's a drink so that you can unwind.
(So that you can unwind)
Relax yourself. (relax yourself)
Let me take away your mind.
(Let me take) bubble bath with a full body massage.
(Full) I want you to know (I want you to know) how if feels when you let go.