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Confira a Letra My Little Secret

Tara Slone

My Little Secret

My little secret You turn me upside down
I don't know what to do When you're not around
I think I got a Bad condition
And when I'm sick you're My prescription

You look good You feel good
It's so good Wish we could
Find a way to Be together
My little secret There's nothing better

Nothing turns me on like you do
Nothing comes together like we do
I'm so high I just might lose my mind

My little secret
You're my addiction
You're my medicine
You're my affliction
You're the real thing
You're my infection
My little secret
You're my injection

You're like a habit Can't live without you
And when I'm all alone I think about you
I almost let it out Was talking in my sleep
You're like a good dream So soft and so sweet

Just a little bit Don't wanna waste it
So close that I can Almost taste it
Stay with me Forever
My little secret There's nothing better