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Confira a Letra Thanks For This Precious Gift


Thanks For This Precious Gift

We are trying to find new hopes
And we'll tell this endless story
Where the sky sky and the clouds are not the limit.
So what you taste is my fucking game
No directions in this story, no regrets is living again!
Someone please help me to rise again!
No directions in this story, no regrets is living again!

No way! this time i trust him
You are my loneliness, my miracle!

On your order i'll burn the grief you keep inside
He will discover! what have we become?
All of your blessings come here to take me away
Your lies confuse me, the war's begun
The place of destiny
This world will cry for your senseless mentions
Your rules are fading leaving me empty
I'm trying to wake up but this is not a dream
Have tou the to fight all my sins?
I'm gonna break inside
I'm crawling down your hair...
I'm falling down and you see me dying
At first you loved me
The you lied so keep your secret
Until you die
Thanks for this precious gift
Who can scare me in this land of the death?

The land of death...
The land of death...