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Confira a Letra How Easy To Die (Smile If You Can)


How Easy To Die (Smile If You Can)

When you feel it inside, when you feel it again
When you feel this shit running up in your skin
When you'll breathe it again, when you'll feel the pain
Stop the time, raise your voice!
Chase'em, destroy and kill them
No one knows each other, no one knows our identity
That's all, whe you raise your arm. All your rights will finish,
That's all, no! No one knows it! it's on my shoulders. Bring it on!
Try to change the world, it burns in me, hide me somewhere.
Change your opinion, take your decision!
We love to spit onto this fucking world.
You can become a traitor, find yourself inside you. You better cry alone!
Find a reason for your shame! Do you really need to make a war? No!!!
I fly the anger's gonna change your mind, smile if you can
Or take myself inside of you. Smile!
Please smile, is it simple to die...
Change your opinion! Take your decision!