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Confira a Letra Shadows



My soul has changed, once again.
You are the best of these traitors
F.o.a.h.r... first of all human rights.
Have u seen all the suffering.
And discovered the case of being
Some kind of freak.
All i have is slowly fading
For the life that you're living on!
There's something wrong they
Wanna stop your life,
So crucify your leader!
One! to believe is dangerous
Two! there will be a consequence
I found some for your repents!
What can you tell me after?
What i say is a fucking deception
You are enslaved to spoil this fairytale
Seems like your lies, two hearts and me!
Seems like one life forever and a day.
No! you'll never escape from your black cage
But you have learnt to die!