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Confira a Letra Give You More

Taxi Doll

Give You More

I wanna give another
little thing a try
a little something
that has finally
caught my eye…
i'll move it slow,
you'll see,
it feels just like a crawl,
and then i'll know exactly
how you're gonna fall…

i know what you're wanting
i know what you're needing
i know what you're wanting
i'm gonna give you more,
just like that yeah…

i'm gonna give you more
i'm gonna give you more
i'm gonna give you more
and i won't let you down,
gonna move it around…
i'm gonna give you more
i'm gonna give you more
i'm gonna give you more
get your feet off the ground
gonna turn it around…

go, let me take you
to the other side…
where all you need
no longer has a place to hide
let it go so fast
so it can run its course
take it if you want,
let it run full force…

giving inspiration
better jump at the chance
that i've given to you
and i get caught in animation
gonna walk it on through
gonna put it on you
show me what you can do
when i'm giving you more