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Confira a Letra Come Baby Come

Come baby come, it's so easy when you're used to it.
Come baby come, it's so easy when you're used to it.
Dum baby dum, if it's on your tongue then you're chewin it.
Toes baby toes, it had baby toes when it was born.
Nose baby nose, every baby knows the same sad song.

So come baby come, it gets easy when you're used to it. Numb baby numb, cause all your life you're chewin it. Stunned baby stunned, right between her eyes theres two in here. Done baby done, in the arbituars they're doing it.

So come baby come, it goes down easy when you're used to it. None baby none, I have found not one thing true with it.

Once in your life you got sick but it did not change your mind. Twice you didn't like it but your momma told you it was maulky. You came down cause you thought it was funny. Momma told you that it was maulky. But baby it's not funny any more. So come baby come, take my hand and we are through with it.