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Confira a Letra Garota Veneno -  Ash To Ash

Temas de Filmes

Garota Veneno - Ash To Ash

Ash to ash and dust to dust,
we dream a lot...we sold our trust
I passed away
So sad to say
An avalanche in outer space
An ambulance
An astronaut
A telephone
A broken heart
A photograph above your bed
Three little words you never said...
How the beloved fall,
your voice just breaks in pieces when you call
I've left but not at all
A beautiful disaster with you all forever through your days
Ash to ash and dust to dust
We fell apart
A rocket ship
A starry taste
I lost myself in outer space
Broke out in fever after I was baptized
Tasted her sugar right before we capsized
One third of all angels fell
Ash to ash and dust to dust