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Confira a Letra 9 1/2 Semanas de Amor - Let It Go

Temas de Filmes

9 1/2 Semanas de Amor - Let It Go

Too many doubts
too much fear
too much danger
when society constructs
our human nature
live by the rules
live by the laws
live by commandments
notions preconceived
can lead to utter madness
Let it go
Let it go
Let it free your body
Let it move your soul
We are made
we are not born
Learn to convert
learn to assert
learn to abandon
ideologies and
disciplines at random
lay down the rules
lay down the laws
lay down commandments
lift the sanctions
that restrict this woman's madness
repeat chorus
is the fate of our existence
keep it safely at a distance
is the fate to be
let your hair down
can't you say