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Confira a Letra No One Will Tell No One For Sure

Tender Forever

No One Will Tell No One For Sure

Tuesday night we were flying
cause on monday we went playing.
Wednesday we walked alone,
trying to find our way home.
On friday we went sleeping
cause the night before we went dancing.
On saturday we walked alone,
on sunday we were going home.
Last summer i could see it,
I could feel my soul getting ready.
Yes the best shelter I guess
is the one I build for myself.
If you'd like to wait longer,
I know a place where it feels better.
Cause November i'll be on the road,
feeling my heart pounding for our love.
Time needs time, for its time to grow,
but the time i have is going so slow.
Even on the road with nowhere to go,
my heart is beating faster than it should.
Get on the plane it's too late,
we decide now if it's fate.
No one will tell no one for sure,
we're just lovers feeling unsure.