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Confira a Letra Change Time

Tessa Rose Jackson

Change Time

Jump to the beat of the kickdrum pounding
Here on the ground there's a new beat sounding
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I love a boy loves a girl loves me
We three believe in company
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Money, money tree don't you grow for me
I'd better better build my own dam, see
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Run, run away, run a mile, run free
We're happy to be all that we can be
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

But oh...
Change, change time
Change, change time

I caught a fish and the fish caught me
Now he lives in the yard in a private sea
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I took to the ride to the other side
Fell in love with a boy now I am his bride
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh