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Confira a Letra Sacrificial

The Awakening


Now the last ten steps in silence
His cause upon His shoulders's strength
Feel the burning weight of darkness
Weight of Sacrificial Death

Lacerated, torn and jaded
Dressed in cloaks of mockery
The Jury's cries as Pilate turned and
washed his hands, set satan free

As the crown's blood stained His vision
The spears punctured His slender side
Nails of hatred driven deeply
The Lamb was tortured, sent to die

Now the last ten steps in silence
His cause upon His failing strength
Carried The Cross in silence
The weight of Sacrificial Death

As His throat, dry and forgiving
Of all inflicted unto Him
Limbs tore into suffocation
Spirit sinking, black with sin

Died for me
Died for me
The Lamb died for me
The Lamb died for me

I am free