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Confira a Letra Innocent

The Awakening


Torn from the womb
A frozen shelter
Of a match made led to ruin

Born into the dirt
Of mindless hatred
Nailed to walls of hurt

Not my fault
He cries himself to sleep
By the hand of those who
Consider him so weak
(So weak)

But sometimes he smiles
Sometimes he smiles

The nature of the child
Just needs a gentle touch
Not beaten empty lies

The words of hollow fire
I'd take their gift away
Leave death to their desire

Yet sometimes he smiles
Oh sometimes he smiles

Pride's forgotten joy
In love of life
In their little baby boy

Brutal in mistrust
I'll see your apathy
Crumble to the dust

And sometimes he smiles
I know I've seen him smile
But the pain won't subside
Yet still that baby smiles

He was torn into a bitter life
They would say born in sin
In a grave of his solemn plight
They piled regret on him
No matter when or where or how
Success eluded him
Take a fist of your stolen charm for mine
Now I'll begin

And sometimes he cries
I know I've seen him smile
They told him not to cry (or else!)
So now the boy will smile

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