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Confira a Letra The Tease

The Black Belles

The Tease

First you slide over slow - then walk out
Then when his eyes start to glow you walk out
You walk out, you walk out, you walk out

Then you lean in for a kiss - then back out
Tell him you've got plans you can't resist then back out
Then back out, back out, back out

Do the tease please

And if he asks what the tease is about
Tell him that it's not the twist - and shout
And you shout, and you shout, and you shout

Do the tease

Now put you hand on your hip
And keep a stiff upper lip
And once you're doing it right
Don't keep it going all night

Do the tease please

Now pull him in real close - he'll flip out
Tell him that it was a joke then walk out
He'll flip out, he'll flip out, flip out

And if he asks for a reason - walk out
You won't quit all the teasing - walk out
Without a doubt walk out, walk out

Do the tease