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Confira a Letra Neurotic Side

The Blondes Of Vertigo

Neurotic Side

There's a streetlight on a corner of a sidewalk
There's a girl out there dancing to a beat box
Heres a circus show, circling a dream land
Imitating poor folks, praying for there promise land
It's in a pill, yeah, a dizzy ride, it leaves you satisfied
They all want it but can't wait to find it
It's in your neurotic side

So quick it leaves my mind
Waiting for it to go on by

(let's change the subject)
You can feel it when you walk in your feet
When your feeling like a dog meanwhile the dogs in heat
You got it from something growing on the side of your brain
It's got you picking it but it keeps you from going insane
But you try, oh, you try to relieve your neurotic side

So quick it leaves my mind
Waiting for it to go on by

It's in that place we couldn't go
(let's change the subject)
There's this world we wouldn't know
(let's change the subject)