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Confira a Letra Walter

The Blue Dogs


Well the first time,
That I ever saw her
I picked her up in my Chevy Malibu
Going to the grocery
For her mother
For a loaf of bread and a Pepsi cola too
She was young
And so kind hearted
That she wrecked my world and left me with the blues
She called me sugar
And knew that when we parted
I knew just what I was going to do

Then I saw her
Standing at the altar
Of everlasting life
Standing there
With a boy named Walter
Expecting her to be his wife
Little did I know my heart was breaking
And I could not say a thing
When the preacher
Posed the final question
And heard those church bells ring

She got in
And she rolled down the window
And said man turn it up,
I love that country tune
She was wearing a rabbit skin halter
And i was overcome by the smell of her perfume