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Confira a Letra For You

Every day I teach your precious son
He has your gleaming eyes and your husband's sense of fun
He thinks he's so special cuz he defeated You-Know-Who
And I hate him but I love you
Struts around like he is the boss of everybody
Even though he is selfish, stupid, stuck up
Harry is a despicable person
I just wanna hurt him
But I made a vow that I'd protect him somehow

So I'll try for you
You know I'd die for you

You don't know what it's cost me to watch over Harry
I'm a double agent for Voldemort and Dumbledore
And I am all alone
I play by my own rules
Play both of them for fools
But sooner or later one of them will find out

But I'll survive for you
Keep him alive for you

And Lily, Lily
I don't know what to do
Cuz Lily, Lily
I'm in a room with a snake and You-Know-Who
And Lily, Lily
I'm sorry that I failed you

Harry leans toward my ear
And I'll tell him why I'm here

I tried for you
And now I
For you
For you
I did it for you
For you
For you