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Confira a Letra Mimosa

Hear me my absent love, Scarlet Woman full of mourning.
Come to me.
Enlighten my dark crypt,
as I am imprisoned to the passing of days.
Nothing shall be at this House of Whispers.
Yloh si that lla morf.
Dekcol srood htiw srep sihw.
Fo esouh.

You scandalized mother of seven sorrowful years.
Lift me up to the moonlit sky and I will set fire to the stars over forbidden city
So the blessed Virgin Mary can give birth to the King of the Weak.
To the King of the Weak!

Why do you hide yourself from me my love, sweet Babalon.
Drop your mask.
I have to see your vile eyes.
Fles mih snatas ot gnol eb deed.
Ni hcihw se ye r voy.

Crown of thorns to the King.
Grave for child to be born.
Envoy of feral disease.
All our sins redeem.